06 June 2004

Drs. Agus Subiyono, MA. :

"It is an option, you can choose which one is best for you..."

In this issue, Miracle presents the figure of the new head of English Department, Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University. Having been the chief of English Department since February 2004, Mr. Agus Subiyanto proposes several programs to develop this department. More information on his figure is reported by Miracle Crew, Mh. Sulhanudin as follows:

We wonder if you would like to tell our readers about yourself.
Well, I was born in Pati on August 14th 1964. Today, I live in Jl. Tlogo Berlian No. 3 Semarang. I took my SI degree in Linguistics in Faculty of Letters of Diponegoro University and graduated in 1989. One year later, I started giving a lecture in this faculty. Then, I enrolled my study at The Australian National University and graduated in 1999. I was assigned to be a secretary of English Department for four years, in the period of 2000-2004. And now this year, I am again given a mandate to manage this department.

As the head of this department, could you please tell us your plans?
First of all, I intend to develop this department because it is widely known that the department has got “A” accreditation for its academic achievement. We are therefore obliged to maintain our achievement.
We—he and his colleagues—red, have discussed about the revision of the curriculum of 2000. In the curriculum, there are five replacement subjects of Non Thesis line. We have agreed to simplify into three subjects, which each of them is offered in 2 SKS (Satuan Kredit Semester). We also add some new subjects. They are Seminar on Grammar, Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeship, and TOEFL/IELT preparation.

Is there any other plans?
Well, in order to develop this department, we have made a solid team to complete the proposal of competence. Last year we submitted a proposal of competence to the Directorate of High Education or DIKTI (Direktorat Pendidikan Tinggi), but unluckily we failed. By preparing a solid team, I truly expect our proposal will be approved.

Then, is there any relation of submitting the proposal to DIKTI with your plan to develop this department?
Certainly yes. If our proposal is approved, DIKTI will fund our research. And we will allocate a part of the fund to upgrade the facilities, such as improving our language laboratory and many others.

Back to the revision of curriculum, a few days ago, Miracle conducted a poll about the curriculum of 2000 and its change. Many students are afraid that they will have difficulties to continue their study, what's your oppinion?
Actually, this model has been applied in University of Indonesia (UI) a couple of years ago. We will apply it starting from student of 2002. UI does not call for undergraduate students to take a thesis as the requirement of their graduation. Other universities, however, may oblige their students to take a thesis. It depends on the policy each university applies. So, you don’t need to be afraid that you will not be able to continue your study.

On the other hand, many students prefer taking the non thesis line to taking the thesis line. Is it because that the non thesis line is simpler? Are you not afraid that there will only be a few students who take the thesis line?
Actually, the main purpose of the curriculum is to help students who want to get a job. In the work field, if you apply for a post in a company, you will not be asked about your thesis. Therefore, they do not need take a thesis or conduct a research. But thesis is important for the students who strongly intend to conduct a research. It is an option though, and I think you can estimate which is best for you.*(Udin)

*Miracle June-July 2004

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